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Spread the Word – “Save Environment By Rejoice Not by Choice.”
A common quote says “The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives.” Likewise, we humans should understand that a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. We abuse the land and trees as we consider them a mere commodity but it’s high time we all should belong to the environment and begin to use it with love and respect. Just because trees don’t scream, realise that we it doesn’t mean the forests should be chopped down for our own selfish motives. Natural resources are wasted to a large extent for creating paper from trees. Earth is the only thing that the mankind has in common, if it gets ruined to the core, we will be no more!

Open Catalogue for the Environment – An initiative to minimise paper usage
Open Catalogue is widely taking an initiative towards spreading the word of environmental safety by revolutionising the way product catalogues are produced and marketed. Catalogues are created for thousands of products wherein sheets of paper are utilised in bulk for its production. The production and use of paper has a number of adverse effects on the environment. Then why not go digital and do our bit to save the environment. Let us follow the eco-friendly way of creating and sharing catalogues. Take an initiative of reducing paper usage, Go Digital! Go Green!

Let’s do our bit!
Reduce Paper Usage in our Daily Chores
Sign up for e-statements and pay your bills online
Use email whenever possible and print documents only when absolutely necessary
Review documents, add comments and return them electronically
Use projectors and white boards in meetings instead of paper hand-outs
Bookmark web pages instead of printing them
Check how your office uses and disposes of its paper
Instead of purchasing CD's, pay for music online or download music
If you are fond of reading magazines sign up for an online subscription
Instead of using stick notes for remembering tasks, save the same in your cell phone or computer
Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins and paper plates with regular dishes

Lets transform ourselves to use digital catalogues.
Print less ! Using less paper everyday will surely bring a
positive difference in maintaining a Greener Planet.


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