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Visit the suitable FAQ category to get quick answers to your queries.

    What is Open Catalogue?

    An online platform for creating, maintaining and marketing digital product catalogues in real time,
    without attaching any flash clips.

    What is a Digital Product Catalogue?

    A product catalogue that is created via an online medium such as a website, web portal or a customized software system.

    What is catalogue name?

    Catalogue name is a title for your digital catalogue. It’s preferable to add your company name as catalogue name. Catalogue name will also be a part of the final digital catalogue link. (

    How many categories and products can I add in a digital catalogue?

    It is based on the total number of main categories and products you want to display in your digital catalogue.

    How can I generate leads through digital catalogues?

    Customers visiting your digital catalogue will always have access to an ‘Enquiry’ link, from where you can receive new leads.

    Where will I receive my new product leads?

    Your new leads will always show under your dashboard’s Lead Management System. You may change the status of the leads to Follow-up or Converted.

    How can I get support for my queries?

    The Open Support page on this website is mainly created to attend your queries. Please get in touch with us if you face any difficulties while creating a digital catalogue.

    How is a digital catalogue better in comparison to a printed catalogue?

    Unlike printed catalogues, digital catalogues are easy to create, update and maintain. You save on yearly costs of designing, printing and posting. Location is not a barrier with digital catalogues.

    Which type of industries and companies should preferably use digital catalogues?

    Digital catalogues are not industry specific. Any company having a large number of product range can make the best use of digital catalogues. For e.g.: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Builders, Designers, etc.

    Which devices and browsers comfortably support digital catalogues?

    Digital catalogues are compatible with all the latest devices, phones and operating systems.

    How much time does digital product catalogue take to load?

    It is fast to load as there are no flash files synched with the catalogue.

    How can I register to use Free Trial?

    Visit and register either from Home page or Sign up page. Fill in the required details and proceed.

    When will the Free trial period begin?

    The free trial begins when you will receive your digital catalogue link via email. (

    What happens on clicking ‘Request to Publish’ ?

    ‘Request to Publish’ is an action to be performed after your digital catalogue is complete. Only if you are satisfied with the final preview of your catalogue, you may Request for Publish.

    What if I don’t send a Publish request during the trial period?

    If you don’t send the Publish request, you will not receive your digital catalogue link and the catalogue will remain inactive.

    How many categories and products can I add during the free trial period?

    During the trial period, you may add total 3 categories and 15 products.

    How many digital catalogues can I create from one account?

    You will be able to create one digital catalogue per account.

    How can I use Open Catalogue services if I don’t register for Free Trial?

    If not registered through website, you may contact us at Or +91 9222274445.

    How can I get help & support during the trial period?

    For support related queries, please visit the Open Support section on this website or drop a mail to

    How can I continue using my digital catalogue after the trial period ends?

    After the free period ends, you will have to buy the paid version of Open Catalogue to continue using your digital catalogue. Further, you can contact us via email or phone to continue using the digital catalogue. ( Or + 91 9222274445 )

    How can I start creating a digital catalogue on

    Sign up with valid details on to start creating digital catalogues.

    How can I customize my catalogue cover page?

    Click on ‘Customize’ to add your company logo, caption and also select theme colours as per your industry.

    How can I change my cover page colour scheme that suits my industry?

    On the Cover Page screen, Click on ‘Customize’ to change the colour scheme as per your industry.

    How can I add my company and contact details in the digital catalogue?

    Click on ‘Profile’ to add important business information and contact details. The company introduction will always appear first in the digital catalogue.

    How can I update or change my company details?

    Dashboard Profile: Edit your company details and Save. Click on the Preview icon to check the updated changes.

    How can I add product categories in the digital catalogue?

    Click on ‘Categories’ to add Category name and description. The saved categories will appear on the Index page of digital catalogue.

    How can I add my products in the digital catalogue?

    Click on ‘Products’ to add Product name, description, image and select category it belongs to.

    How can I update or delete my product categories and products?

    Dashboard Categories or Products Delete from the Recently Added Product List

    How can I get a LIVE preview of the details entered in my digital catalogue?

    Click on ‘Finish’ after all the products are added. You will be redirected to the ‘Preview’ page. Go to ‘Click for LIVE Preview’ and flip through the ready digital catalogue synched with all the recently entered details.

    How can I publish my digital catalogue?

    If you are satisfied with the Preview of your catalogue, Click on ‘Request for Publish’.

    How much time will it take for the digital catalogue to get published?

    In 48 to 72hours the digital catalogue will be published and a link will be mailed on the registered email id.

    How can I access my digital catalogue after it gets published?

    You can access your digital catalogue from the catalogue link received after Publish.

    What will be my digital catalogue URL after it is published?

    Your digital catalogue URL will look like this ( Further, you can share the URL via e-mail and social media profiles.

    How can I edit all the details in my digital catalogue from one destination?

    Login Dashboard Click on the headings for the relevant page you want to edit.

    How can I add social media links to my digital catalogue?

    Dashboard Profile Social Media Add social account links

    How can I track total leads generated?

    Dashboard Lead Management System New Leads: Based on the product enquiries, total number of new leads will get reflected automatically.

    How can I manage incoming leads from the digital catalogue?

    Based on the type of lead, you can change the status of leads to Follow-up or Converted. Pie diagram on the dashboard will clearly display the total leads under New, Follow-up and Converted.

    How can I add new leads to my digital catalogue?

    Dashboard Lead Management System Add New Leads

    How can I share specific product pages with clients?

    Share product pages directly by clicking on the Email icon or download page as PDF and email as attachment.

    How can I download the product pages in pdf format?

    Each product page can be separately downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon.

    How can anyone search a specific product on my digital catalogue?

    Enter product name in the search box to search different products in the catalogue.

    How can I reach a specific page number without flipping the catalogue?

    Enter the required page number in the ‘Flip to’ box for searching a particular page number in the catalogue.

    How can I optimize my digital catalogue for search engines?

    Dashboard Profile, Categories, Products Search Engine Optimization: Add & Save relevant page title, description and keywords.
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