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For the first time, open is bringing a transformation in the conventional way of creating & marketing catalogues. Come and experience the LIVE difference of creating flipping digital catalogues in real time.
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100% Ownership, No Dependence
Easy to Create and Manage: Make flipping digital catalogues on your own by following the steps after
Sign Up.
It is also easy to update the catalogue from a personalised dashboard. Hence, you can confidently maintain your catalogues without any professional help.
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Synched with In-built Lead Management System
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Track and manage daily leads : The system professionally manages daily catalogue leads and makes it simpler to track the customer conversion rate.

Intelligent Web Hosting
Reducing the impact of infrastructure on environment: Open Catalogue is environmentally conscious by hosting digital catalogues on a dedicated server. Unlike other data centers utilizing a huge amount of electricity to run and cool down multiple servers, our single server runs multiple applications securely and efficiently functions with as little power as possible for cooling, UPS etc.
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New Food for Search Engines
SEO friendly catalogues: Just like websites, keyword rich catalogues are sure to show up in the search engine results very soon. Digital catalogues indeed will be a new taste for search engines in the coming years.
Free Sharing World Wide
Free Sharing World Wide
Personalised catalogue URL: Share your catalogue URL online via email, pdf, social media sites ( and save on regular postage expenses of sending new catalogues to domestic and verseas clients.

Play on Your Device
Free Sharing World Wide
Compatible with popular browsers, phones and operating systems: Enter the catalogue URL on your device and start flipping to showcase best of your products as clear as a printed catalogue.

Open to Changes
Customized Catalogue Designs:Free Sharing World WideChange your catalogue just as you want it to look! Want it to appear vibrant or subtle is all in your hands. For advanced customization, get in touch at

The Real Time Difference
Free Sharing World WideGenerate while you create: The contents you add while creating the digital catalogue will be available for LIVE Preview in real time. No extra work of integrating flash clips. Just Sign Up & Complete the Steps to view your catalogue now!

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Lets transform ourselves to use digital catalogues.
Print less ! Using less paper everyday will surely bring a
positive difference in maintaining a Greener Planet.


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